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No Cruzamento da Avenida do Coronel Mesquita com a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau

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Seeds in Spring – Open Call Selection for Exhibition at Ox Warehouse
Enter PleaseWorks by Cathleen Lau

展覽日期 Exhibition Period426/2/2017
開幕 Opening Session4/2/2017 4:00PM
駐場日期 Residence Period: 4, 19, 25, 26/2/2017

展覽簡介 Introduction



Everyday we exist and live in certain placeworking, playing, thinking, studying, eating, drinking, resting and sleeping. A person existence depends much on his family and also Nature. Support of Nature seems to be a kind of natural and invisible support. The evolution of organism and lives, and gradually until the human beings emerged. It is Nature which gives birth to human beings. Men build up their homes by which babies and youngsters are being protected and human beings are furnishing. As developments go on, how important is ‘family’ to human existence ? And how should families be organized?

In this exhibition, there will be five works for presentation. They are :
i) the Tree Vine, ii) Building, iii) Patio, iv) Insider, v) Bricks. The artworks will be placed like a route of Chinese traditional garden. First it will come up with the tree vine combined by mortise and tenon, reminding there are deep relation
between Man and Naturethey are depending on each other. Then audience will walk through a narrow bed frame that symbolizes the flattened living space in Hong Kong. Precipitation under the light projection is somewhat like swimming in deep water. Finally, where we will be looking for is a comfortable shelter. We are thinking of “our home”.

駐場計劃 Residence Project
4/2/2017 (六 Sat
     小導賞 Guided Tour

19/2/2017 (日 Sun
Workshop: Mortise and Tenon MakingMini wooden beach


2526/2/2017(六、日 Sat & Sun

駐場日期 Residence Period: 4, 19, 25, 26/2/2017

藝術家簡介 Artist Biography

劉菁兒LAU Cathleen Ching Yee
現在就讀澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學及香港藝術學院合辨的藝術文學學士,主修雕塑。去年修畢純藝術高級文憑,並獲「最佳作品獎(雕塑)」。曾參與不同的社區藝術,如土瓜灣社區藝術收成展及賽馬會社區藝術雙年展。在2016 年獲得台北藝術自由日作品優選獎。



LAU Cathleen Ching Yee has been studying Bachelor of Fine Arts with major in sculpture in RMIT University. I received the Higher Diploma of Fine Art in Hong Kong Art School in 2015 and awarded with “The Best Art Work (Sculpture)”. I involved in various art activities in the community. For example, Tokwawan Community Arts Harvest Exhibition and Students’ Artwork of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Arts Biennale. And I have awarded Selected Artwork Prize in 2016 Taipei Art Free Fair.

I have been focusing on the usage of wood and wood-dust being main medium in my creative works. In practice research, I also explored different type of renewable materials. My creative work shows the space between visible and invisible. I am considering on different “tension relations” among individual, community and society. And also concerned on the relation between humanity and nature as well as local issues.

Due to lack of living area in Hong Kong, I decided to question on ‘Space‘ by my sculptural work.


Seeds in Spring – Open Call Selection for Exhibition at Ox Warehouse
What Happened Last Night? Works by Tiffany Tang

展覽日期 Exhibition Period426/2/2017
開幕 Opening Session4/2/2017 4:00PM
駐場日期 Residence Period:
5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20/2/2017(日、一 Sun & Mon2:006:30PM


You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting. ──Peter Pan


"What Happened Last Night?" as the starting point of this collage project.
The process of regenerating dream and vision leads us to encounter the unknown primitives insides. And the realization of our instinct acts as a confrontation to defeat the systemized world.  

駐場計劃 Residence Project

透過跟觀眾對談,收集他們「尋晩發生咩事」的故事,並以拼貼的方式把他們的記憶再次呈現出來,在駐場期間的創作會透過Facebook 或在展場內展出。

The artist will have conversation with the audiences, and collect the stories of "What Happened Last Night?".  The memories will be regenerated through collage.  The artwork will be shared to Facebook and displayed at the gallery.

駐場日期 Residence Period:
5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20/2/2017(日、一 Sun & Mon2:006:30PM


藝術家簡介 Artist Biography
鄧天恩出生於香港。2014年取得香港藝術學院藝術高級文慿,主修雕塑。同年獲頒發潘秀娟女士最佳進步獎,以及香港藝術學院與香港藝術中心合辦的奬學金到紐約視覺藝術學院(School of Visual Art, NYC)交流。2016年獲得自資專上獎學金計劃外展體驗獎,到紐約蘇富比藝術學院進修。現正修讀香港藝術學院與墨爾本皇家理工大學合辦的藝術學士課程,主修雕塑。

Tiffany TANG Tin-Yan was born and raised in Hong Kong. She received Higher Diploma in Fine Art, major in Sculpture, at Hong Kong Art School in 2014. She was awarded Ms. Poon Sau Kuen Best Progress Award for academic year 2013/14 and scholarship for 2014 Summer Program at School of Visual Arts, New York (CDFNY) which sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Centre and Hong Kong Art School. This year (In 2016), she is awarded the Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme, Reaching Out award for 2015/16 academic year, for attending Sotheby’s Institute of Art, International Contemporary Art in New York-July. Currently (In 2016), she is studying in RMIT University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School) year 3, majoring in Sculpture.

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